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Real estate is no longer as easy as it used to be.  Our experienced staff has the knowledge and education to help you through the process. 


We represent clients in the following matters:


- Residential Real Estate (purchases, sales, refinances, etc.)

- Commercial Real Estate Purchase (purchases, sales, refinances, etc.)

- Preparation of Contracts

- Foreclosures and Short Sales

- Leasing/Renting

- Easements and Boundary Line Agreements

- Variances

- Landlord and Tenant (evictions)

- Subdivisions and Developments

Over the past several years buying, selling and refinancing your home has become very strenuous.  It is no longer a quick and easy transaction.  Several rules and regulations have been put in place  and they continue to change frequently.  Lenders are making it very difficult on consumers by asking for a large amount of documents and information.  Any real estate transaction can be extremely stressful.  Let us handle some of that stress for you and put your mind at ease.  We will work with real estate agents and other attorneys to make your closing as seamless as we can. 

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